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  • Caroline Finlay

Something New

My work is inspired by the coastline, in particular the wild and remote North West Highlands and Hebrides Islands; the textures and marks, colours and forms of plants, stones, tidal marks, the sea, the sky, the light.

Returning from a trip to Ardnamurchan this year I was inspired to design a one-off brooch inspired by rocks and Lichen; the textures and marks initially.

It's very important to take time out from my day to day making to explore and develop and play. And it's so addictive!

I loved the first design I made but wanted to enhance the next one with colour and decided to make a ring for my Project 2023 which is a monthly challenge I've set myself this year where I make a one-off ring a month using unloved and abandoned materials/pieces.

Although these pieces are fairly different to my usual work I hope my style comes through.

I've never been able to make the same pieces year after year and introduce new designs regularly which I hope keeps things fresh and interesting.

Having said that, I am still making many of my original designs, going strong after ten years but all my designs have developed a little over the years.

I have now made a few more in this Lichen series, some are being exhibited at Dazzle Jewellery Exhibition in Edinburgh from 4th to 27th August 2023.

I will have a few more pieces at Pittenweem Arts Festival and look forward to developing and making more in the coming months - each piece is unique, I want this series to be individual pieces. This will hopefully push my creativity and ensure the owner has a truly one of a kind piece.

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